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Size does matter!

Every homeowner deserves to know the true and fair size of their home, before any pricing decisions are made. So, before deciding on a home value, know the accurate square footage, because without knowing the correct size, you cannot know the correct value.

In the real estate business, square footage means money! In our price-per-square-foot world, getting the fair value for every square foot has never been more important and an HMS® understands the extraordinary power in price-per-square-foot.

In every residential transaction, at some point, a home’s size will impact its perception of value and using public records are not in your client’s best interest! The square footage in tax records is often more wrong than right. It’s based on a “guestimate” and that’s not a word you want to hear when calculating the value on your client’s largest, lifetime investment. Using tax records for square footage creates inaccurate comparable information in the market and low appraisals. Using an HMS® expert can help prevent issues at appraisal time.

Let an HMS® help you stand out among your competition. An HMS® can provide you with reproducible square footage dimensions based on the most well-known measurement standard in the world – ANSI®. An HMS® knows how to measure square footage and knows why it matters!

Make square footage work for you, not against you. Let your clients know you care by giving them the best information available. Not only will you have an accurate measurement of the home, but you will have detailed floor plans for all your listings to present to any interested buyer. Floor plans make listings stand out and provide buyers with valuable information; such as, square footage of the home, total finished living area and dimensions of all interior spaces and rooms. Floor plans help the potential buyers “move” in mentally.

Using an HMS® expert adds credibility, helps with selling the home quicker and at a higher price. Plus, the cost of an HMS may be tax deductible as a business expense. It may even bring new business your way!